Nothing but the
Infinite "Self"
remains the same.

Jyotish teaches us that this cycle of existence is in a constant state of change ~ orchestrated by the nine divine planets (navagrahas).

1985 - 2012
The True Purpose of Jyotish:
"This birth affords us a chance to exhaust  karmic debts, so that we may be free, Jyotish is the light that reveals this great truth to us. A sincere study of Jyotisha can be a great spiritual education; a Sadhana in itself, for it reveals the eternal mysteries of the cosmos to us. It leads to the unknown through the known. It guides us through the intricate labyrinth that life is, with its myriad pairs of duality. It shows us the way and ultimately sets us free, by taking us back to our cosmic roots.
There is great joy in the knowledge of Jyotisha, provided one is truly grounded in Yoga Vedanta. Jyotisha is a pratyaksha sastra, a practical science, the eye of the Veda. A jyotishi has access to one of the best languages of Nature. Whether we perceive ourselves as helpless victims or witnesses or insignificant specks or rejoice in this grand play, depends on our world view. While the existentialist astrologer has this frustration of being a helpless observer, the jyotishi who is firmly grounded in Yoga Vedanta views it differently. 'Seeing' or 'experiencing' how jyotisha works, is like watching Prakriti (Nature) in Her grandeur. Everything feels like a play. It is inspiring to be part of this grand cosmic play, this play of consciousness (Chidvilasa)! Once you really experience astrology this way, life is no more a suffering. There is neither sin nor virtue in being part of this. Neither is knowledge burdensome. You rejoice in everything."
Source (with kind permission): Karmic Rhythms

We are all born under certain conditions according to the merits/demerits of our past actions. (karma)
Our every thought, word and action produces ripples of influence throughout the entire cosmos, returning to us as the ripples in a pond return to their source.
"As ye sow so shall ye reap" is a fair policy of Mother Nature.
Through the divine light of Jyotish we can see our karma unfolding and, with grace, we will come to understand that the true purpose of jyotish is not fortune-telling but rather a light in the darkness of ignorance that leads to greater understanding of the true nature of our existence.
With (sons) David and Andrew at Andrew's wedding 1998

We're born into a certain family according to our karma and we meet those along the way that we have past karmic connections with.
We marry when the planetary influences on 7th house (or its karaka) are favourable, our children are born according to the relevant dasa periods; we suffer or enjoy, are sick or well according to our karma which is under the benevolent direction of the navagrahas.
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Family Photo 1965
Christmas Day 2012
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When our time has come, young or old, we pass from this earthly existence. Some live to experience old age, some do not. But, as with everything, it's just another experience along the way while the Self, the silent witness whom we all know as I (I AM - nothing more mysterious than that), remains forever the same.
Whenever we utter that word we should pause and  reflect "Who is this I? Who is this eternal, infinite, never-changing, silent witness that 'I AM'