Sarah (above chart) gave birth to a Son on 5 Nov 2005 during the dasa of JU-RA-JU-ME
The transit chart (below) shows dasa/pratyantar lord Jupiter, conjunct 5th lord Sun, is aspecting lagnesh Mars whilst in mutual aspect with (transit) Mars...dispositor of sookshmantar lord Mercury.

In Sarah's natal chart (above) we see sookshmantar lord  Mercury, tightly conjunct 5th lord Sun in 11th house of "Gains". Mercury occupies nakshatra of antardasa lord Rahu who in turn occupies nakshatra of sookshmantar lord Mercury
The two luminaries (Sun and Moon) also sit in Rahu's nakshatra and they, along with Mercury, occupy Taurus saptamsha...divisional chart for children.
In rashi Taurus owns 2nd house of family whilst 2nd lord Venus (in 10th) occupies nakshatra of 5th lord Sun. In transit chart (left), Rahu, in sign of Jupiter, again occupies nakshatra of Mercury.
It should be clear to see the event came to fruition during sookshmantar of Mercury who, along with 5th lord Sun and Moon, occupy Taurus saptamsha. Note 2nd house of family (owned by Taurus) signifies both our original family and our own created family.

Shaun (below chart)
Was, at this time, running sookshmar dasa of Saturn who (alone) is inimicably placed in 8th bhava in sign of Scorpio. Saturn also occupies Scorpio saptamsha...
There should be no doubt that, although many (not only twins) may seemingly have the same horoscope, no two have the same destiny. When astrologers come up against this situation (often) their first reaction is to make alterations to the birth time in order to explain the (apparently) unexplainable differences. Of course there's always the possibility of incorrect birth data; but in situations where T.O.B. is confirmed to be correct we do need to look deeply into the dasas/transits for the fructification of a latent possibility.