From: Mrs.Wendy
Date: Wednesday, 8 December 2010 2:31 PM
To: Jyotish-Vidya
Subject: [jyotish-vidya] Julian Assange

Dear xxxxx and All,

Good to see you here xxxxx. Hope all is well!

As I am sure, most people are aware of the current situation regarding
Julian Assange...owner/editor of WikiLeaks who was arrested yesterday in
England. I did find his birth details on Wikipedia but no T.O.B...see

Curiosity led me to take a look at possible lagna and have (tentatively)
settled on a time of around 06:42 am, giving Gemini rising in nakshatra of
Rahu. His birth details follow...

Julian Assange
3 July 1971 (06:42 am)
Townsville, Queensland

Members might care to take a look at this chart and offer their thoughts.

Best Wishes