Chart Rectified 8 Dec 2010
by Wendy Vasicek

Those who are romanticizing Assange as a modern-day Robin Hood have settled on Libra rising which shows lagnesh Venus and lagnakaraka Sun, well placed, in the auspicious 9th house of religion, ethics, morality, peity, faith, worship, science and literature, publications (press/media) etc.. This is as far from Assange as night is from day!
Assange does not recognize the limits that traditional publishers do. Recently, he posted military documents that included the Social Security numbers of soldiers, and when asked if WikiLeaks mission would have been compromised if he had omitted these details. He said that some leaks risked harming innocent people - "collateral damage, if you will" - but that he could not weigh the importance of every detail in every document. Perhaps the Social Security numbers would one day be important to researchers investigating wrongdoing, he said; by releasing the information he would allow judgment to occur in the open.
This total disregard for the security of regular soldiers is unconscionable!
Assange, it seems, has become a law unto himself with no conscious awareness of the harm he may inflict on others. His only conception of authority is that they are the enemy, and he has declared war! This does NOT speak of lagna lord / lagna karaka, well-placed in the auspicious 9th house.
What does show Assange in his true colors is 9th lord Saturn in 12th house of secret enemies. This house of "Loss" shows loss of boundaries; including social, moral, ethical, and geographical boundaries. 12th also governs confinement of all sorts i.e. ashram, military barracks, and institutions such as hospitals etc., as well prisons.
For Gemini lagna, 9th lord Saturn (in 12th) occupies nakshatra of 3rd lord Sun, significator of authority and government; And, as we know, 3rd house governs our deliberate actions, motivation, writing, correspondence, computer skills and so forth.
Assange is currently undergoing the mahadasa of Saturn which began around 13 Dec 2000 and will run until Dec 2019. Most certainly we've seen much evidence of this with his constant movement from place to place, from country to country and now, of course, his imprisonment.
His antardasa lord Sun clearly shows his present conflict with the most powerful government in the world. Sun in lagna has overpowered lagna lord Mercury, and quite naturally he feels very threatened by this...especially so as Sun is presently transiting his 6th house of Enemies. This (6th house) also signifies litigations of all sorts. As we know he is currently being held in custody pending the outcome of litigation brought by the Swedish authorities.
A difficult time lies ahead for Assange as he's brought to account by the authorities. As we know, Saturn is the custodian of punishment and grief; And, with Sade Sati in effect, he's sure to feel the full force of this.
(Sade-Sati is the 7½ years long period of Saturn's transit through the 12th, 1st and 2nd houses from natal Moon. This phase is viewed with apprehension by those familiar with astrological lore as it is generally a period with many challenges.)
Pratyantar dasa of Moon commences shortly (and) with Moon occupying 8th from 10th (dramatic change in position) whilst also suffering the effect of Sade Sati, this will, no doubt, be a very difficult time for him.

Update 26th Dec...
It has been reported that Assange signed a book deal (for his pending autobiography) worth more than a million dollars. This certainly does lend support to his current pratyantar dasa of 2nd lord Moon in 5th. Second, as we know, governs sources of income whilst 5th (holding pratyantar lord Moon) governs literary works. No doubt 5th lord Venus' current transit through 5th adds weight to this event.

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