Some Important Yogas
Sankhya Pasha Yoga: All planets (excluding nodes) distributed over 5 houses.
The person has a large family, is adept in work, skilful in earning wealth, crafty, impolite, fond of dwelling in forests, having numerous drawbacks.

Anapha (Mangal) Yoga: Mars occupies the 12th house from Moon.
This variety of Anapha Yoga indicates that the person is the leader of a band of thieves, haughty, wrathful, bold, praiseworthy, good-looking, and hurtful to everyone.

Sumukha Yoga: The lord of the 2nd house is in a Kendra aspected by benefics, or benefics occupy the 2nd house.
The person will have a happy and attractive face.

Bandhubhisthyaktha Yoga: The lord of the 4th house is connected to malefics or holds bad Shasthiamshas or is placed in enemy or debilitation signs...(note 4th lord Mercury in nakshatra of Rahu)
The person will have trouble with his close relatives, due to misunderstanding, or be deserted by them.