Parashara Vol II

Chapter 97.


1-4. Maharishi Parasara said. O Brahmin! I have described to you the Jyotish Shastra, as narrated by Lord Brahma to the Sage Narada and by Narada to Shaunaka and other Sages, from whom I received the knowledge of this Shastra. I have narrated the same Jyotish Shastra, which I learnt from them. Do not impart the knowledge of this Shastra to one, who is insignificative, slanders, or calumniates others, nor to one, who is not intelligent, is wicked and unknown to you. Teach this supreme Vedanga Jyotish Shastra only to one, who is gentle and amiable, devoted, truthful, brilliant and well known to you.

5-6. Only that person, who possesses adequate knowledge of time and the positions of Grahas and Nakshatras, can understand this Hora Shastra. Only that person, who has complete knowledge of the Hora Sastra and who is truthful, can make correct favourable, or unfavourable predictions.

7. One, who reads, or listens with attention and devotion to this most excellent Hora Shastra, becomes long-lived and is blessed with increase in his strength, wealth and good reputation.

8-9. Thus was narrated by Maharishi Parasara to Maitreya this novel Horasastra, containing invaluable and uncommon material from ancient scriptures on Jyotish, for the benefit of the world at large. Afterwards it came into usage on the earth and received reverence from all.

10-25. In these verses have been described the subject matters of all the chapters, contained in this book and their importance.