Tibetan Thangkas depicting "Rahula" the God of Eclipses
Tibetan Astrology originated from several different traditions: Indian, Chinese,
 the local Bon religion, and the Buddhist Kalachakra tantra.
Bon was the indigenous religion of Tibet that, when partly absorbed by the Buddhist traditions introduced from India in the 8th century, gave Tibetan Buddhism much of its distinctive
(tantric) character.

According to Tibetan mythology, Rahula (Rahu) has a face in his belly, the mouth of which swallows up the Moon or Sun during eclipses. He is master of the planets (i.e. has the power to seize them) and the god of solar and lunar eclipses.
He is a wrathful dregs-pa according to the Nyingmapas; one of eight highest protector deities who rules over a class of gza demons. The story of how Rahu becomes a protector of Dharma (rather than the destroyer of Dharma) is told by Lama Rinchen...
"When the first Buddhist monastery was being built in Tibet, all the work that was done during the day was destroyed by demons in the night. The great Guru Padmasambhava subdued the demons by giving them teachings of the Dharma. The powerful demons accepted the teachings and were transformed into (equally powerful) protectors of the Dharma."

This story supports the (jyotish) dictum that Rahu can be transformed by the conjunction of strong Jupiter (Guru). The essential feature being the strength of Guru over Rahu.
Guru devoid of strength and/or occupying a dusthana, will continue to be troubled by Rahu's disruptive nature, giving rise to Guru-Chandala Yoga.

Uttara Kalamrita Ch.II: "Though Rahu and Ketu are malefics, they become benefics by their positions or by their association with certain planets."

BPHS Ch.21-3: "If Rahu is in an angle or in a trine, he will perform religious sacrifices like Jyotishtoma."  To wit, the native will be extremely religious and meritorious.

BPHS Ch 34-17: "If a node is in an angle in respect to or associated with a trinal lord, or be in a trine in similar relation with an angular lord it will become YogaKaraka."

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