Yogas leading to Royal status
1a. A mutual relationship exists between Ascendant lord (Lagna) and lord of 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th or 10th.
This elevates the individual in terms of success, recognition and status.
1b. Same results as above if the (mutual) relationship occurs between 4th lord and lord of 5th or 9th.
2.  Venus occupying/aspecting Ascendant and aspected or associated with the Moon or Jupiter.
The person will be related to royal circles - leads to kingship or royal status.
3a. Rahu is in a kendra or trikona conjunct a kendra lord or trikona lord.
Brings forth kings - leads to kingship or royal status.
3b. Same results as above if Ketu is so related.
4.  The lord of (or) the planet that would be exalted in the sign holding a debilitated planet is in a kendra from Moon or Lagna.
The person will become a ruler or equal to a ruler of high rank.