Chapter 44.

Maraka (Killer) Planets

1. O sage, you have mentioned a lot about longevity. Be kind enough to throw light on Marakas or killers.

2-5. O Brahmin, the 3rd and 8th are the two houses of longevity. The houses related to death are the 12th from each of these, i.e. the 2nd and 7th are Maraka houses.
3. Out of the two (i.e. 2nd and 7th) the 2nd is a powerful Maraka house (as against the 7th). The lords of the 2nd and the 7th, malefics in the 2nd and the 7th, and malefics accompanying the 2nd and the 7th lords are all known as Marakas. The major and sub periods of these planets will bring death on the native depending on whether he has a long life, medium life or short life.

6-7. The Dasa of a benefic planet related to the 12th lord may also inflict death. End may descend on the native in the 8th lord's Dasa. The Dasa of a planet which is an exclusive malefic (i.e. first-rate malefic) may also cause death.

8. The dasa of a malefic will not cause death in the Antardasa (sub period) of a benefic planet, although the former, is related to the latter, but in the sub period of a malefic planet though not related.

9. Should Saturn be ill-disposed and be related to a maraka planet, he will be the first to kill in preference to other planets.

THREE KINDS OF LIFE SPANS: short, medium, and long.
10-14. O Brahmin, I tell you further about Marakas. Narrated earlier are three kinds of life spans, viz. short, medium, and long. Short life is before 32 years, later on up to 64 it is medium life, and from 64 to 100 it is long life. Beyond 100 the longevity is called supreme. O excellent of the Brahmins, it is impossible to decide upon longevity till the native is 20 years old. Till such year the child should be protected by sacred recitations, religious offerings (of ghee etc. to consecrated fire as prescribed by Vedas etc.) and medical treatments, for premature death may descend on the child due to sins of father or mother or of its own (in the previous birth).
15-21. I further mention about the Maraka planets. One born with short life combinations may face death in the Dasa denoted by Vepat star (3rd from birth star); one of medium life may die in the dasa denoted by Pratyak star (5th from birth star). In the dasa denoted by Vadha star (7th from birth star), one with long life may obtain his end. The dasa of the lord of 22nd decanate or the one of 23rd, 3rd, 5th, or 7th asterisms may also cause death.
The lords of the 2nd and 12th counted from the Moon sign may bring death, this is true when the said ruler is a malefic and if he be a benefic there will be (only) diseases (but not death). Death may come to pass in the dasa of 6th lord and in the sub periods of 6th,8th, and 12th lords. Should there be many Marakas (endowed with the power of killing) and be strong, there will be diseases, miseries etc. in the respective major and sub periods. Thus these are Marakas (as above) and are primarily related to descend death upon the native. According to their dispositions there may be death or difficulties.

If Rahu or Ketu be in the ascendant, 7th, 8th, or 12th thereof, or be in the 7th from a Maraka lord or be with such a planet, they acquire powers of killing in their major or sub periods.
O excellent of Brahmins, if the Sun, being with strength, is in the 3rd house from the ascendant, one will obtain his death due to a king (or legal punishments).
The Moon in the 3rd will cause death due to tuberculosis while wounds, weapons, fire, and thirst will cause death through Mars in the 3rd. If the 3rd be aspected or occupied by Saturn and Rahu, death will be through poison, water or fire, or fall from heights or confinement. Death will surely come to descend through insects or leprosy if the Moon and Gulika occupy or aspect the 3rd house. Mercury aspecting or occupying the 3rd will bring death following fever. Jupiter in the 3rd or aspecting the 3rd will cause death by swelling or tumors. Urinary diseases will cause death if Venus is in the 3rd or aspects the 3rd. Many planets aspecting or occupying will bring death through many diseases.

32. If the 3rd house is occupied by a benefic, death will be in an auspicious place (like a shrine) and if by a malefic in sinful places. Mixed occupation will yield mixed results in this regard.

33. Consciousness will prevail at the time of death if Jupiter or Venus be in the 3rd. With others therein, there will be unconsciousness before death.

34. According to the 3rd house being a movable, fixed, or dual sign, death will be in a foreign place (other than native place), in one's own house, or on the way.

Note the occupant of the 8th house from the ascendant. If it is the Sun, death will be through fire, the Moon water, Mars weapons, Mercury fever, Jupiter diseases, Venus hunger, and Saturn thirst.

37. Should the 8th house be occupied or aspected by a benefic while the 9th lord is conjunct a benefic the native will die in a shrine. If malefics take the role of benefics as above, death will be in a place other than a shrine.

Should there be a benefic's decanate in the 8th (i.e. the 22nd decanate being so), the corpse will be burnt in fire (as prescribed in Shastras); if a malefic's decanate be there, the body will be thrown away in water. If the decanate in question is owned by a mixed planet the dead body will only dry up. If it be a serpent decanate, the body will be eaten away by animals, crows, etc..

The 2nd and 3rd decanates in Cancer, the initial one in Scorpio, and the last one in Pisces are designated as serpent decanates.

O excellent of Brahmins, the stronger of the luminaries occupying a decanate of Jupiter denotes descent from the world of gods. If the said decanate be of Venus or the Moon the descent is from the world of the Manes, if be of the Sun or Mars it is from the world of the dead (of Yama), and if be of Mercury or Saturn it is from hell.

43-45. ASCENT AFTER DEATH: According to the following planets in the 12th, 7th, 6th, or the 8th, the native will attain such worlds after death: Jupiter - heaven, the Moon or Venus - the world of Manes, Mars/Sun -earth (i.e. rebirth), Mercury/Saturn - hell. Should the said houses be not occupied, the native will go to the world as indicated by stronger of the decanate lords related to the 6th and the 8th. The relative planet's exaltation etc. will denote the high, medium, and low status the native will obtain in the said world.

46. Other planets and Rasis becoming Marakas are being discussed in the chapter related to Dasas.