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Note 1: 2004-02-01
from: Patrice Curry
email: withheld

Basically I've just been having very loving thoughts of you and feeling great gratitude for all your tremendous help and time and energy in my learning Jyotish. And I want to shout out a huge "thank you" to you for all your help and your work on the list and website. Your very clear explanations when you read a chart were hugely keen for my learning and made a great difference to me.

Patrice Curry

Note 2: 2004-02-03
from: Renee Serrano
email: withheld

Love your site, Wendy (et all). It is very informative and helpful!!


Note 3: 2004-02-07
from: Chandra
email: withheld

I visit your site often and appreciate the effort that's gone into providing such a treasury of information.
Keep up the good work!


Note 4: 2004-02-08
from: Rahul
email: withheld

Great site. Authentic information.


Note 5: 2004-02-08
from: Dave
email: withheld

Great website, fantastic design with lots of information, well done.


Note 6: 2004-03-05
from: zsuzsi takacs
email: withheld

Dear Jyotish Vidya people,
Thank you very much for your website. It is beautiful, intelligent, and a master work! Also I am amazed, that today there are still freely downloadable books (Vedas) online. I have read your website only two times, but I have found answers for my questions very quickly, which I cannot tell of other sites. I am very grateful for this site!

Thank you! zsuzsi

Note 7: 2004-03-07
from: Ashwin Sun
email: withheld

Thanks for all your blood, sweat, and tears...it is greatly appreciated.


Note 8: 2004-03-23
from: Amit S
email: withheld

Wendy, I'm a member of Jyotish Vidya and used to write in regularly. Lately, I have been away because of my busy schedule. Visit ur site every now and then. I'm really inspired by ur efforts and the amount of valuable information you have compiled about hinduism is simply amazing. Simply, Hats off to you. You are a Genius!


Note 9: 2004-04-04
from: EG Santhanam
email: withheld

First time visitor.

EG Santhanam

Note 10: 2004-04-11
from: ruchi
email: withheld

Good site.

Note 11: 2004-04-13
from: Prem Kumar
email: withheld

Great Site.

Prem Kumar

Note 12: 2004-04-24
from: rahul
email: withheld

Brilliant work. Authentic and informative site.


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