Chapter 34.

Yoga Karakas

1. O Brahmin, thus I have told you about the effects derivable through Karakamsa. No listen to the effects arising out of planetary house lord ships.

Benefics owning angles will not give benefic effects while malefics owning angles will not remain inauspicious. The lord of a trine will give auspicious results. The lord of the ascendant is specially auspicious as the ascendant is an angle as well as trine. The 5th, and 9th houses are especially for wealth while the 7th and 10th are specially for happiness. Any planet owning the 3rd, 6th, or 11th will give evil effects. The effects due to the lords of the 12th, and 8th will depend on their association. In each group, the significance will be in the ascending order. The 8th lord is both inauspicious as he owns the 12th from the 9th. If the lord of the 8th simultaneously owns the 3rd, 7th, or 11th, he will prove specifically harmful while his simultaneous ownership of a trine will bestow auspicious effects. The planet owning a predominant house will stall the effects due to another owning a less significant house and will give his own results. The 8th lordship of the Sun and the Moon is not evil.

Jupiter and Venus are benefics while the Moon is mediocre in beneficence. Mercury is neutral (i.e. a benefic when associated with a benefic and a malefic when related to a malefic). Malefics are the Sun, Saturn, and Mars. Full Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are stronger in the ascending order. Weak Moon, the Sun, Saturn, and Mars are stronger (in malefic disposition) in the ascending order. In revealing maleficence due to angular rulership, the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are significant in the ascending order.

If there be an exchange between an angular lord and a trinal lord, or if these two lords join in an angle or in a trine, or if a trinal lord is in angle or vice versa, or if there be full aspect between them, they cause a yoga. One born in such a yoga will become a king and be famous.

13. If one and the same planet gets the lordships of a trine as well as an angle or if a planet is in an angle or in a trine, it will prove specially a yogakaraka.

It has been said that a malefic owning an angle will become auspicious which is true only when it simultaneously lords over a trine and not by merely owning an angle.

15. If the lords of an angle or a trine owns simultaneously an evil house, he (i.e. the angular lord or the trinal lord) does not cause a Rajayoga by mere relations stipulated (as per sloka 11 and 12 above).

16. RAHU & KETU:
Rahu and Ketu give predominently the effects as due to their conjunction with a house lord or as due to the house they occupy.

17. If a node is in an angle in aspect to or association with a trinal lord or be in a trine in similar relation with an angular lord it will become Yogakaraka.

18. Yogakaraka and inauspicious plts by signs. O sage, please narrate according to the signs rising as to which planet is a yogakaraka and which is inauspicious.
O Brahmin, listen to these with examples. Even though Mars is the lord of the 8th, he will be helpful to (other) auspicious planets. Saturn, Mercury, and Venus are malefics.
Auspicious are Jupiter and the Sun. The mere conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter will not produce auspicious effects (although they own a trine and angle). If Jupiter is at the disposal of a malefic, he will surely give inauspicious results. Venus is a direct (or independent) killer. Saturn etc. will also inflict death if associated with an adverse planet (i.e.Venus). That is how the effects will be derived by an Aries native.
Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon are malefics. Saturn and the Sun are auspicious. Saturn will cause Rajayoga. Mercury is somewhat auspicious, Jupiter etc. and Mars will inflict death. These hints are for Taurus native.

Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun are malefics while Venus is the only auspicious planet.
The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is similar to that for Aries ascendant. The Moon is the prime killer, but it is dependent on her association. Thus have been explained by the scholars the effects for Gemini ascendant.

Venus and Mercury are malefics, Mars, Jupiter and the Moon are auspicious. Mars is capable of conferring a full-fledged yoga and giving auspicious effects. Saturn and the Sun are killers and give effects according to association. These are Cancer ascendant's effects.

Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are malefics. Auspicious effects will be given by Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun. The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus (though Kendra Kona lords) will not produce auspicious results. Saturn and the Moon are killer who will give effects according to association. These are the effects applicable to Leo ascendant.

Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon are malefics while Mercury and Venus are auspicious.
The conjunction of Venus and Mercury will produce yoga. Venus is a killer as well.
The Sun's role will depend on his association. These effects are for Virgo ascendant.

Jupiter, the Sun, and Mars are malefics. Auspicious are Saturn and Mercury. The Moon and Mercury will cause Rajayoga. Mars is a killer. Jupiter and other malefics will also acquire a disposition to inflict death. Venus is neutral. Thus should be known about Libra ascendant.

Venus, Mercury, and Saturn are malefics. Jupiter and the Moon are auspicious.
The Sun as well as the Moon are Yogakarakas. Mars is neutral. Venus and other malefics acquire the quality of causing death. These are for a Scorpio native.

Only Venus is inauspicious. Mars and the Sun are auspicious. The Sun and Mercury are capable of conferring a yoga. Saturn is a killer. Jupiter is neutral. Venus acquires killing powers. These effects are for Sagittarius ascendant.

Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon are malefics, Venus and Mercury are auspicious. Saturn will not be a killer of his own. Mars and other malefics will inflict death. The Sun is neutral. Only Venus is capable of causing a superior yoga. These are the effects applicable to Capricorn ascendant.

Jupiter, the Moon, and Mars are malefics while Venus and Saturn are auspicious.
Venus is the only Rajayoga causing planet. Jupiter, the Sun, and Mars are killers. Mercury gives meddling effects. These are described by the learned for Aquarius ascendant.

Saturn, Venus, the Sun and Mercury are malefics. Mars and the Moon are auspicious. Mars and Jupiter will cause a yoga. Though Mars is a killer, he will not kill the native (independently). Saturn and Mercury are killers. Thus should be judged the effects for a Pisces native.

45-46. GENERAL:
Thus the auspicious and inauspicious effects derivable through the planets due to their lordships according to the rising sign be estimate. Apart, the effects due to Nabhasa yogas etc, be also known which I narrate as under.