Chapter 63

Prana Dashas

1. If we multiply the Sukshma Dasha spans by the Dasha years of each Grah and divide the product by 120, we will get the Prana Dasha.

2. -Surya. Interest in unnatural sexual intercourse, danger from thieves, fire and the king, physical distress.
3. -Candr. Enjoyments, availability of good food, development of intelligence, opulence and glory, like that of a king, by the beneficence of generous people.
4. -Mangal. Antagonism with the king with the connivance of others, dangers and great losses.
5. -Rahu. Hunger, danger from poison, loss of wealth, as a result of punishment by the king.
6. -Guru. Success in many educational spheres, gain of wealth, success in ventures, as a result of the exchange of visits with the king and Brahmins.
7. -Sani. Imprisonment, death, excitement, obstacles and losses in ventures.
8. -Budh. Feeding from the kings kitchen, acquisition of Chatr and Chamar with royal symbols, attainment of the position of a high dignitary in government.
9. -Ketu. Loss of wealth, due to quarrels with the preceptor (elders), wife and kinsmen.
10. -Sukr. Recognition, or reverence from the king, increase in wealth, happiness from wife and children, enjoyments from eating and drinking.

11. -Candr. Happiness from wife and children, gain of wealth and clothes, Yog Sidhi.
12. -Mangal. Consumption, leprosy, destruction of kinsmen, bleeding, creation of turbulence by friends and goblins.
13. -Rahu. Danger from snakes, creation of turbulance by evil spirits, weakness of eyesight, confusion of mind.
14. -Guru. Growth of religious-mindedness, forgiveness, devotion towards deities and Brahmins, good fortune, meeting with near and dear ones.
15. -Sani. Unexpected and sudden physical distress, creation of troubles by enemies, weakness of eyesight, gain of wealth.
16. -Budh. Gift of Chamar and Chatr by the king, acquisition of a kingdom, even-mindedness in people.
17. -Ketu. Danger from weapons, from fire, from an enemy and from poison, stomach troubles, separation from wife and children.
18. -Sukr. Acquisition of friends and wife, gain of wealth from foreign lands, all kinds of enjoyments.
19. -Surya. Brutality, increase in anger, fear of death, agony, going away from the homeland, dangers.

20. -Mangal. Quarrels with the enemy, imprisonment, bilious and blood pollution troubles.
21. -Rahu. Separation from wife and children, distress, as a result of oppression by kinsmen, fear of death, poison.
22. -Guru. Devotion towards deities, gain of wealth, competence in Mantra rituals.
23. …-Sani. Danger from fire, death, loss of wealth, loss of position, but good relations with kinsmen.
24. -Budh. Gains of splendid garments, ornaments, marriage.
25. -Ketu. Fear of falling down from a high place, eye troubles, danger from snakes, loss of reputation.
26. -Sukr. Gain of wealth, reverence amongst people, enjoyment of many kinds of luxuries.
27. -Surya. Fevers, lunacy, loss of wealth, wrath of the king, poverty.
28. -Candr. Comforts of good food and garments, distress from heat and cold.

29. -Rahu. Loss of taste in eating, danger from poison, loss of wealth through rashness.
30. -Guru. Physical well-being, fearlessness, gain of conveyance and quarrels with menials.
31. -Sani. Danger from fire, diseases, loss of wealth through menials, imprisonment.
32. -Budh. Devotion towards the preceptor and increase of wealth through his beneficence, good qualities and well cultured.
33. -Ketu. Antagonism with wife and children, going away from home, loss of wealth through rashness.
34. -Sukr. Acquisition of Chatr, Chamar, conveyances etc., success in all ventures, worship of Lord Shiva, construction of a house.
35. -Surya. Affliction with piles, wrath of the king, loss of cattle.
36. -Candr. Development of mental powers and intelligence, popularity, visits of preceptors, danger of committing sins.
37. -Mangal. Dangers from menials and fire, loss of position, disaster, filthiness and meanness.

38. -Guru. Happiness, increase in wealth, performance of Havan, worship of Lord Shiva, acquisition of Chatr and conveyances.
39. -Sani. Failure in fasting, unhappiness, going away to foreign lands, loss of wealth, antagonism with kinsmen.
40. -Budh. Progress in education, increase in intelligence, happiness to wife and children, popularity, gain of wealth.
41. -Ketu. Opulence and glory, learnedness, gain of knowledge of Shastras, worship of Lord Shiva, performance of Havan, devotion towards preceptor.
42. -Sukr. Freedom from diseases, enjoyments, increase in wealth, happiness from wife and children.
43. -Surya. Disorders of wind, bile and phlegm, pains, due to disorders of juices in the body.
44. -Candr. Acquisition of Chatr with royal symbol, opulence and glory, increase in children, eye and stomach troubles.
45. -Mangal. Danger of administration of poison by wife, imprisonment, foreign journeys, confusion of mind.
46. -Rahu. Distress from diseases, troubles from thieves, danger from snakes, scorpions etc.

47. -Sani: Loss of luster, due to fevers, leprosy, stomach troubles, danger of death from fire.
48. -Budh. Gain of wealth and grains, profits in business, reverence, devotion towards deities and Brahmins.
49. -Ketu. Death-like distress, creation of turbulence by evil spirits, insult from a woman, other than one’s wife.
50. -Sukr. Enjoyments through wealth, son and beneficence of the king, performance of Havanas, marriage etc.
51. -Surya. Troubles in the eyes and forehead, danger from snakes and enemies, loss of wealth, distress.
52. -Candr. Sound health, birth of a son, relief, thriving strength, devotion towards deities and Brahmins.
53. -Mangal. Affliction with Gulma, danger from enemy, danger of death during hunting, danger from snakes, from fire and from poison.
54. -Rahu. Going away from the homeland, danger from the king, bewitchment, taking of poison, troubles from wind and bile.
55. -Guru. Attainment of the position of a Commander in the Army, gain of land, association with ascetics, reverence from the king.

56. -Budh. Increase in enjoyments, wealth and religious-mindedness, even-mindedness in all living beings.
57. -Ketu. Danger from thieves, from fire and from poison, death-like suffering.
58. -Sukr. Supremacy over others, increase in wealth, reputation and religious-mindedness, devotion to Lord Shiva, happiness from son.
59. -Surya. Agony, fevers, lunacy, affectionate relations with wife and kinsmen, receipt of stolen property.
60. -Candr. Happiness from wife, birth of a daughter, gain of wealth and enjoyments all-round.
61. -Mangal. Tendency to indulge in nefarious activities, pain in eyes, teeth and stomach, piles, danger from death.
62. -Rahu. Gain of clothes, ornaments and wealth, separation from one’s own people, antagonism with Brahmins, delirium.
63. -Guru. Sublimately, progress in education, increase in wealth and good qualities, profits in business.
64. -Sani. Danger of death from thieves, poverty, beggary.

65. -Ketu. Danger of fall from a conveyance, quarrels with the enemy, committing a murder inadvertently.
66. -Sukr. Gain of land and conveyance, happiness, destruction of enemy, increase in cattle wealth.
67. -Surya. Danger from fire and enemy, loss of wealth, mental agony, death-like suffering.
68. -Candr. Devotion towards deities and Brahmin, journeys to distant places, gain of wealth and happiness, eye and ear troubles.
69. -Mangal. Bilious troubles, enlargement of veins, delirium, antagonism with kinsmen.
70. -Rahu. Antagonism with son and wife, going away from home, loss in ventures, due to rashness.
71. -Guru. Injuries from weapons, wounds, heart disease, separation from wife and children.
72. -Sani. Confusion of mind, tendencies towards nefarious deeds, imprisonment on account of addictions (in drugs etc.), distress.
73. -Budh. Enjoyments of bed, perfumery, ornaments and sandal, good food and availability of all kinds of comforts.

74. -Sukr. Learning, devotion to deities, satisfaction, gain of wealth, increase in the number of children.
75. -Surya. Good reputation in public, loss of happiness in respect of children, heat troubles.
76. -Candr. Devotion towards deities, competence, relief by the application of Mantras, increase in wealth and fortune.
77. -Mangal. Fevers, wounds, ringworms, itches, devotion towards deities and Brahmins.
78. -Rahu. Distress from an enemy, eye and stomach troubles, antagonism with friends.
79. -Guru. Good longevity, sound health, happiness from wealth, wife and children, acquisition of Chatr and conveyances.
80. -Sani. Danger from the king, loss of happiness, critical disease, controversy with menials.
81. -Budh. Satisfaction, reverence from the king, gains of land and wealth from many directions, increase in enthusiasm.
82. -Ketu. Loss of life, wealth and reputation, only some money is left for charities and sustenance.
83. -The reverred sage Parasara said--O Brahmin! here I have described to you the effects of Nakshatra (Vimsottari) Dasas etc. The good or adverse predictions should be made after assessing judiciously the auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of all the five, namely Dasa, Antardasa, Pratyantar Dasa, Sookshma Dasa and Prana Dasa.