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SU. 1. Atha padam.
Results based on Pada Lagna will be described in this chapter.

SU. 2. yyaye sagrahe grahadrishteva sreemantaha.
If the 11th house from Pada Lagna is occupied or aspected by planets, the person becomes a sreemanta or a wealthy man.

SU. 3. Shubhairnyayallabhaha.
When the 11th from Pada is aspected or joined by benefics the wealth will come from proper channels. The gains will be from fair and lawful means.

SU. 4. Papairamargena.
If the aspecting or joining planets in the above are evil, the wealth will come through sinful and illegal means.

SU. 5. Ucchadibhirviseshath.
If the 11th from Arudha Lagna is well combined and aspected by benefics or those in exaltation, moolathrikona, etc., the person will acquire plenty of wealth through justifiable means.

SU. 6. Neeche grahadrigyogadwayadhikyam.
If there are planets in the 12th house from Lagna, or Pada Lagna, the person will spend more than he earns.

SU. 7. Ravirahusukrairnrupath.
If Ravi, Rahu and Sukra occupy or aspect the 12th from Lagna or Pada Lagna, the person will lose money through kingly displeasure or fines and confiscations.

SU. 8. Chandradrishtau nischayena.
If in the combination in Sutra 7 there is the aspect of Chandra, the losses will certainly occur through governing bodies.

SU. 9. Budhena gnathitho vivadadwa.
If Budha occupies the 12th house from Pada or Lagna or aspects it, there will be losses from cousins, relations and litigations.

SU. 10. Guruna karamoolath.
If Guru joins or aspects the 12th from Pada Lagna or Lagna, the man loses money by paying heavy government taxes.

SU. 11. Kujasanibhyam bhratrumukhat.
If the 12th from Lagna or Pada Lagna is joined or aspected by Kuja and Sani, the person will suffer losses through brothers.

SU. 12. A etairvyaya aevam labhaha.
The results have been given for the 12th house from Lagna or Pada Lagna and the various sources of losses have been indicated. If those planets are in the 11th house, then instead of losing money he will gain money through those sources which have been shown to the credit of planets. If the planets are in the 12th house, he will lose money; if they are in the 11th house, he will gain.

SU. 13. Labhe rahuKetubhyamudararogaha.
If the 7th house from Pada has conjunction or aspect of Rah u or Ketu, the person suffers from stomach diseases.

SU. 14. Tatra Ketuna jhatithi jyanilingani.
If Ketu occupies the 2nd house from Pada Lsgna, the person will display signs of old age though he may be young in years. He will show wrinkles beyond his proper age. If in the 6th house from Pada Lagna evil planets combine, he will become a thief. If the 2nd and 6th from Pada Lagna are occupied by benefics without evil aspects, the person will be a governor of many countries.

SU. 15. Chandragurusukreshtt sreemantaha.
If Chandra, Guru or Sukra occupy the 2nd from Pada Lagna, he will become a rich man. Here all these planets may be in the second or any one of them.

SU. 16. Uchhena va.
If the evil or good planets are in the second house from Pada in exaltation; the person becomes rich.

SU. 17. Svamsavadanyatprayena.
All the results explained in the above sutras will have application and reference as they have had in the Karakamsa.

SU. 18. Lnbhapade kendre thrikone va sreeman taha.
If the Arudha Lagna falls in the 7th from Janma Lagna or Karakamsa or in the Kendras or
Konas the person becomes extremely rich.

SU. 19. Anyatha dusthe.
If the Arudha Lagna does not fall in Kendra or Thrikona from Lagna but falls in Dusthas 6, 8 and 12, the results will be bad.

SU. 20. Kendrathrikonopachayeshu dwayormaitree.
If the Saptamarudha falls in Kendras, Thrikonas or the Upachayas from Janma Lagna, excepting the 6th which is classified as a Dusthana, there will be great agreement between the wife and the husband.

SU. 21. Ripurogachintasti vairam.
If the Arudha Bhavas fall in 6, 8 and 12 from Lagna, they denote evils to such Bhavas.

SU. 22. Patneelabhayordishtya nirabhasargalaya.
If the Arudha Lagna and the 7th from it have no obstructive Argalas, the person becomes

SU. 23. Shtibhargale dhanasamriddhihi. If Arudha Lagna and the 7th from it have beneficial Argalas, there will be plenty of money.

SU. 24. Janmakalaghatikaswekadrishtasu rajanaha.
If a planet aspects Hora Lagna, Ghatika Lagna and Janma Lagna, the person becomes a ruler or one equal to him.

SU. 25. Patneelabhayoscha rasyamsakadrikanairva.
If Chandra Lagna, Navamsa Lagna, Drekkana Lagna and the 7th houses from these three are aspected by one planet, the person becomes a great ruler or a Maharaja.

SU. 26. Theshwekasminnyune nyunam.
If out of the 6 Lagnas, viz., Lagna, Ghatika Lagna, Hora Lagna, Chandra Lagna, Navamsa Lagna and Drekkana Lagna- one planet sees five and not all the six, the person will have ordinary Rajayoga.

SU. 27. Evamamsa to drikanatascha.
If the Navamsa, Hora and Ghatika Lagnas or Drekkana, Hora and Ghatika Lagnas are aspected by one planet, there will be Rajayoga.

SU. 28. Sukrachandrayormitho drishtayoh simhasthayorva yanavantaha.
It Sukra and Chandra aspect each other or if they are in the 3rd house from each other, the person will be blessed with various conveyances.

SU. 29. SukrakujaKetushu vaithanikaha.
If Sukra, Kuja and Ketu have mutual aspects or if they are in the 3rd house from each other the person will , have aristocratic surroundings from his ancestors.

SU. 30. Swabhagyadaramatrubhavasameshu subheshu rajanaha
If the 2nd, 4th and 5th Bhavas become equal to the Karaka or if benefics occupy them, the person becomes a Raja or his equal in position.

SU. 31. Karmadusayoh papayoscha.
If the 3rd and 6th houses from Atmakaraka are equal or if they are joined by malefics, there will be Rajayogas.

SU. 32. Pitnulabhadhipaschaivam.
If from the lords of Lagna. or 7th benefics occupy the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 8th, there will be Rajayogas.

SU. 33. Misre samaha.
If there is a mixture of benefics and malefics in the above combination, the person will attain to ordinary positions.

SU. 34. Daridro vipareethe.
If evil planets occupy beneficial signs and benefics evil signs, the person will be poor.

SU. 35. Matari gttrow sukre chandre va rajakeeyaha.
If to the lord of Lagna or to the lord of 7th, the 5th house is occupied by Guru, Sukra or Chandra, the person becomes a high Government official and wields political powers.

SU. 36. Karmani dase va pape senanyaha.
If evil planets occupy the 3rd and 6th from the lords of Lagna or the lord of the 7th, the person becomes a military commander.

SU. 37. Swapitrubhyam karmadasasthadrishtya tadeesadrishtya matrtunathadrishtya cha dheemantaha.
If the lords of the 3rd and 6th from Lagna and Atmakaraka aspect the latter or if the planets in those houses aspect them and if the lord of the 5th aspect them, the person becomes extremely intelligent.

SU. 38. Daresadrishtya sukhinaha.
If Lagna and Karaka Lagna have the aspect of the lord of the 4th, the person will be happy.

SU. 39. Rogesadrishtya daridraha.
If the lord of the 8th from Lagna and Karaka Lagna aspect them, the person suffers from poverty.

SU. 40. Ripunathadrislitya vyayaseelaha.
If the lord of the 12th from Lagna and Karaka Lagna aspect them, then the person becomes a spendthrift or extravagant.

SU. 41. Swamidrishtya prabalaha.
If the lord of Lagna aspects the Lagna and if the lord of the Karaka Lagna aspects that Lagna, the person will have very good Rajayogas.

SU. 42. Pacshadripubhagyayorgrahasamye bandhah konayo ripujayayoho
If from Lagna-the 2nd and 12th or 5th or 9th or 12th and 6th or 4th and 10th have the same number of planets posited, the person will be imprisoned.

SU. 43. Sukradgounapadastho rahuh suryadrishlo netraha.
If the 5th from Arudha Lagna is occupied by Rahu and Ravi aspects him, the person will lose his sight.

SU. 44. Swadaragayoh sukrachandrayoratodyam rajachinhani cha.
If Sukra and Chandra occupy the 4th from Atmakaraka, the person will have the paraphernalia of royalty, viz., Nagara or drums, Noubhat, music Chatras umbrellas, Chamaras or tufts of hair-fans which attendants keep waving about the royal personage and other signs and emblems of royal state.

End of Third Pada of the First Adhyaya