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SU. 1. Aayuh pitrudinesabhyam.
Longevity of a person has to be determined with reference to Lagna and the 8th from it.

SU. 2. Prathamayonittarayorva deergham.
If the lords of the 1st and 8th are in movable or common signs or if one of them is in a movable and the other in a common sign, there will be longevity.

SU. 3. Prathamadwiteeyayorantayorva madhyam.
If the lords of the 1st and 8th are found in Chara and Sthira Rasis-movable and fixed-or if both of them are in double bodied signs, there will be middle life.

SU. 4. Madhyayoradyantayorva heenam.
If the lords of the 1st and 8th are found in fixed signs or one in Chara and other in Dwiswabhava, there will be short life. In the second sutra the last portion repeats the same idea.

SU. 5. Evam mandachandrabhyam.
The rules he has given in the first four sutras must also be, applied to Chandra Lagna and the Lagna.

SU. 6. Pitrukalatascha.
Long, middle and short lives may also be ascertained from Lagna and Hora Lagna.

SU. 7. Sam vadatpramanyam.
Whichever longevity is determined by the greater number of combinations of planets, that term of life should be predicted and it will happen certainly.

SU. 8. yisamvade piitrukalataha.
If three terms of life are indicated by the three systems, then the terms obtained by the Lagna and Hora Lagna should be preferred and accepted.

SU. 9. Pitrulabhage chandre chandramandabhyam.
If Chandra is in the 7th from Janma Lagna then the longevity obtained from the lord of these two must be taken as the definite term of a man's life.

SU. 10. Sanow yoga.hetou kakshyahrasaha.
If in the above combinations Sani causes the Purnayuryoga, then place it as Madhyayuryoga. If he causes Madhyayuryoga, then put it in Alpa and if he causes Alpa, then consider it as still less and predict very early death.

SU. 11. Vipareetamityanye.
Some others are of opinion that when the longevity is caused by Sani there; should be no Kakshya Hrasa or deduction or degradation. They mean that the term indicated by Sani
should hold good.

SU. 12. Na swarkshathungage saure.
If Sani causing longevity occupies his own or exalted house, Kakshya Hrasa-or reduction should not be applied.

SU. 13. Kevalpapadrigyogini cha.
If Sani, causing longevity, has many evil aspects and conjunction, then, Kakshya. Hrasa should not be predicted.

SU. 14. Pitrulabhage gurow kevala shubhadrigyogini cha kakshyavriddhihi.
If Guru occupies the Lagna or the 7th has no evil conjunctions or aspects, but beneficial aspects and conjunctions, he will cause increase or Kakshyavriddhi.

SU. 15. Maline dwarabahye na vamse n idhanam dwaradwaresayoscha malinye.
If Dwarabahya Rasis are malefic signs or if malefics occupy these Dwarabahya Rasis, or if the lord of Dwarabahya Rasi is a malefic, death will happen in the Navamsa Dasas of such Dwarabahya Rasis.

SU. 16. Shubhadrigyoganna.
If to the Dwarabahya Rasis, and the Rasi occupied by Dwarabahya there are beneficial aspects and conjunctions; there will be no death in the Navamsa periods of those Rasis.

SU. 17. Rogese- tunge navamsavriddhihi.
If the lord of the 8th from Lagna joins exaltation, there will be increase of life in the Dasa of
the Navamsa thus averting the death indicated in the above combinations.

SU. 18. Tatrapi padesadasante padanavamsadasayam pitrudinesatrikone va.
If there is an increase of; life as per Sutra 17, then death will happen in Navamsa Dasa of the Rasi occupied by Arudhalagnadhipathi; in the Dasas of Rasis which are in trikona to lords of Lagna and 8th ; in the Navamsa Dasa of the Rasi containing Arudha Lagna.

SU. 19. Pitrulobharogesapranini kantcrkadisthe swatoschaivam thridha.
If the lord of the 8th from Lagna and the lord of the 8th from the 7th from Lagna are powerful and occupy Kendras, Panaparas and Apoklimas, then they cause long, middle and short lives respectively.

SU. 20. Yogatsame swasmin vipareetam.
If Atmakaraka joins the 7th from - the 7th (Lagna), the meaning conveyed in Sutra 19 will have to be differently interpreted.

SU. 21. Rasitaha pranaha.
The strength of the Rasis must be properly ascertained.

SU. 22. Rogesayoh swata aikye yoge va madhyam.
If the 8th houses from Lagna and the 7th are joined by their Karakas or if they happen to be themselves Karakas, if the lords of the 8th house from Lagna and the 7th are occupying Kendras, Panaparas or Apoklimas, then the terms of life ascertained from the combinations shown in Sutra 19 will have to be reduced.

SU. 23. Pitrulabhayoh papamadhyatwe kone papayoge va kakshyahrasaha.
If Lagna and 7th from it lie between evil planets, or if evil planets are in the Trikonas from Lagna arid Saptama, Kakshyahrasa or deductions and additions must be made for terms of life which are obtained by planetary positions.

SU. 24. Swasminnapyevam.
If the Karaka is between the evil planets or evil planets conjoin the Trikonas from him, Kakshyahrasa should be made.

SU. 25. Thasminpape neeche-atunge-ashubhasamyukte cha.
If the Karaka joins Neecha or does not join the exaltation or if he is not in conjunction with benefics, Kakshyahrasa should be made.

SU. 26. Anyadanya tha.
If Lagna and Saptama (7th) or if Karaka and the 7th from him are between beneficial planets or if the Trikonas from Janma and Karaka Lagnas are occupied by benefics, if the Karaka happens to be a benefic, if he is in exaltation and not in debilitation or has beneficial conjunction, there should be no Kakshyahrasa made.

SU. 27. Gurou cha.
If Guru happens to be Karaka and has evil planets in 2nd, 12th, 6th and 8th and in the houses forming Trikonas from him or has evil planets with him or he is not in exaltation or joins Neecha Rasi, Kakshyahrasa should be made. And in cases where these combinations are reversed increase must be predicted.

SU. 28. Purnendusukrayorekarasivriddhihi.
If Purna Chandra and Sukra become Karakas and occupy the positions named in the above sutras, they will give an increase of one Rasi Dasa.

SU. 29. Sanau vipareetham.
If Sani becomes Karaka and is found in the places named in the previous sutras, he causes Kakshyahrasa in the earlier Dasa than tha maraka.

SU. 30. Sthiradasayam yathakhandam nidha nam.
Three sections for Ayurbhava or longevity have been explained, viz., long, middle and short lives: In the Sthira Dasa suppose the term of - life is settled as middle. If a death-inflicting planet or Dasa comes in the period of Alpayu, the person will not die, but will suffer sickness and misery at the time.

SU.  31. Tatrarkshaviseshaha.
In the matter of death, note the peculiarity of the Rasi. That is death will happen in the Dasa of the Marana Karaka Rasi.

SU. 32. Papamadhye papakone ripturogayoh pape va.
If the Dasa is between malefics or has evil planets in its Trikonas, or has evil planets in 12 and 8, such a Dasa will cause death to the person.

SU. 33. Tadeesayoho kevalaksheenendusukradrishtow va.
If the lords of the 12th and 8th are aspected by Ksheenachandra and Sukra, the Dasa of the 12th or 8th will inflict death.

SU. 34. Tatrapyadyarksharinathadrisyannvabhagadva.
Of the Rasi Dasas which have the power to cause death, death is likely to happen in the first Rasi Dasa and the sub-period of Rasi of the Navamsa Rasi which is aspected by the planet who is lord of the 6th from the Rasi whose Dasa is the first.

SU. 35. Pitrulabhabhavesapranee rudraha.
Whoever is stronger among the lords of the 8th from Lagna he gets the name. of Rudra.

SU. 36. Apranyapi papadrishtaha.
If the weaker among the lords of the two houses, 8th from Lagna and 7th, is aspected by malefics, he will also get the name of Rudra.

SU. 37. Pranini subhadrishte rudrasulanthamvyuhu.
If the powerful Rudra is aspected by benefics, death may be predicted in the Rudra Rasi, or in the periods of its Trikona Rasis 1, 5 and 9.

SU. 38. Tatrapi subhayogay.
Even, if the weaker of. the planets, when he has evil aspects get the name of Rudra, has beneficial conjunctions or aspects he will extend the length of life, to the Rudra Rasi Dasa
or the Dasas 5th and 9th from it.

SU. 39. yyarkapapayoge na.
The above results should not be predicted if other planets than the Sun, should be in the 5th and 9th from the two Rudras.

SU. 40. Mandarendudrishtesubhayogabhave papayogepi va shubhadrishtow va parataha.
If the two Rudras become evil, death will come in the first Shoola Dasa; if one of them becomes evil, death will happen in the second Shoola Dasa; and if both of them are favourable, death will come in the last of the 3rd Shoola Dasa.

SU. 41. Rtudrasrayepi prayena.
Death may happen sometimes in the Rasi Dasa occupied by Rudra.

SU. 42. Kriye pitari viseshena.
If the Lagna falls in Kriya or Mesha, death often takes place in the Rudra Dasa.

SU. 43. Pratjhamamadhyamottanteshu va tattadayusham.
To persons having short, middle and long lives, death happens in the first, second and third Shoola Rasi Dasas.

SU. 44. Swabhaveso maheswvaraha.
The lord of 8th house from Atmakaraka goes under the name of Maheswara.

SU. 45. Swochhe swabhe ripubhavesapranee.
If the lord of the 8th from Atmakaraka is exalted or is in his own house, then the stronger of the two, viz., the lords of the 8th. and 12th from the Karaka will also go under the name of Maheswara.

SU. 46. Patabhyam yoge swasya tayor va roge tataha.
If Atmakaraka has conjunction with Rahu or Ketu, or if the 8th from Atmakaraka has
conjunction with Rahu or Ketu, then the 6th planet counting regularly from the Sun will become Maheswara.

SU. 47. Prabhubhavavaireesapranee pitrulabhapranyanucltaro vishamastha brahma.
Find out which is the stronger of the two Rasis Lagna and Saptama or 7th. Then find out which of the lords of the 6th, 8th and 12th from it is stronger, and if he occupies an odd sign in the Parswa Rasis from the stronger of Lagna or Saptama, (7th), he will be named as the Brahma planet.

SU. 48. Brahmani sanaupatayorva tataha.
If Sani, Rahu or Ketu becomes Brahma, the 6th planet from him will be designated as Brahma in which case the other three will not have the Brahma power.

SU. 49. Bahurnam yoge swajateeyaha.
If many get the powers of Brahma (say three or four planets at a time), then that planet becomes Brahma who is next in degree to Atmakaraka.

SU. 50. Rahuyoge vipareetam.
When Rahu also gets Brahmatwa, then the conditions will be reversed

SU. 51. Brahma swabhaveso bhavasthaha.
The lord of the 8th from Atmakaraka as also the planet who occupies that house becomes Brahma.

SU. 52. yivade balee.
Between the, two planets the lord of the 8th from Atmakaraka and the planet who joins the 8th, the stronger of the two becomes Brahma.

SU. 53. Brahmano yavanmaheswararkshadasantamayuhu.
The longevity extends through the Rasis commencing from Brahma and counting up to the Rasi containing Maheswara.

SU. 54. Tatrapi maheswarabhavesatrikonabde.
The period of death must be determined thus, Maheswara will be in a sign. Take the Dasa of this Rasi, take the lord of 8th house from Maheswara. Take the Trikonas from him, viz., 1, 5 and 9. Predict death in the Antardasa of any one of these Dasas which is strong enough to inflict death.

SU. 55. Swakarmachittaripuroganathapranee marakha.
The strongest among the lords of 3, 6,12 and 8 from the Atmakaraka will inflict death.

SU. 56. Thadrukshadasayam nidhanam.
Death will happen in the Rasi Dasa occupied by the maraka planet or in the Dasa of the Rasi of which he is the lord.

SU. 57. Tatrapi kaladripurogachittnnathapahare.
Take Atmakaraka. Find out the 7th from him. Take Ripu, Roga, Chitta or 12, 8 and 6th from it. The lords of these occupy some houses. Death may happen in the Dasas of such signs or the Dasas of the houses owned by these lords.

End of First Pada of Second Adhyaya